Thursday, December 08, 2005

SIMON SINGH: Knight of Wands (Consult Tarot deck, not Harry Potter!)

Monday, December 05, 2005
11:55:43 PM

Simply umazeeng! This fellow, Dr. Singh…I half expected this man to be coming with a turban and looking old and all, and what I see is a cool guy with chhimply umajing hair! I think it’s more of a statement that papajis can be absolutely eccentric and replace their turban with anything else, if they wanted…but anyway, never mind…His communication skills are unparallel, compared to whatever we encounter here…I don’t think I would be able to attend any college lectures after this. I have never seen a man as confident as him…of course, there are many in this world, but it’s just that I haven’t met…He just knows his thing so well…He didn’t scribble esoteric equations, which was such a relief…But poor Simon, some aged “spherical b*******” pestered him with stupid questions like “Is microwave radiation coming from space harmful?” after he was talking of evidence for The Big Bang theory. The first, last and middle part of his lecture were all so interesting and fascinating…the way he put it…I have never seen anybody so consistently humorous…and so consistently intelligent…His was a musical, humorous, substantial, brief, terse lecture…very neat and well controlled…the frequently ringing cell phones made no effect at all…And he said he couldn’t argue with me! That really will make my day every day for the rest of this month…I am phlatarred!!!

The coffee was perfect, though I spilled my second cup in the whole excitement…

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