Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Cafe Philosopher

The absurd creatures devoured more of the absurd drink. It was not even evening, and the hysterical trunks came in, devoured and filed out to the invisible world they came from. And in between all the commotion, there was a lot of gaping, blankness and all the discussion of the world. Time froze into coma, and man was condemned to be free, as our surreal philosopher puts it.

He made the decision cos’ it’s all wrong for him. All his life, he took the right decision, and when the time was ripe it proved to be wrong…So this time he is all equipped to make the one wrong decision of a lifetime and evolve it into something very right…

“Am I the right one for you?” he asked.

“No, you are pretty much the left one for me…”, she answered.

His jukebox played on “Love Me Two Times”…and he listed all the non-reasons:

1. It’s the wrong(est) of times.
2. It’s absurd.
3. You don’t have to murder your atheism in the whole process.
4. What the hell…it’s all bloody well too different, dammit! And different for the better, mind you.

He threw the list away…took another sip of the preposterous drink and went on philosophizing the history…like some lousy archeologist digging out a forgotten UFO.

He just couldn’t stand the two women who rambled on about sun signs, moon signs and ascendants…