Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feelings from the Crypt: Revisited...

(painting courtesy: Ruben Monakhov

I'm still with my caravan
Wishing you a bundle of joy
That clove sweet cigarrette
Left my lips rather coy
There the shipyard, ahoy!
And the crescent moon
Will be clouded soon
That ney flute playing in my mind
Have left the waves go blind
As they blindly roll over the steps...

Step by step
Tune by tune
I must perish
For these are the cruel flowers of April...
Spreading poison smell till May
While I paint my nails white
Let me sleep now
I shall wake up on Monday...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I see the light come shining...and I shall be released!!!

Image Courtesy: Santhosh Pai aka Sanpaiya

Is it art when men lie and compartmentalise their conscience???

Then it's definitely art to march into the unknown...cos' the unknown can't offer worse than the known...

Truth always brings this day and age where nothing costs or hurts more than truth, I embrace truth...for it shall always remain with me and my people around me...