Monday, December 12, 2005

Feelings From The Crypt - II

Monday, December 12, 2005
1:28:51 AM

Right, here we are…in the middle of acres and acres of barren, abandoned land…stretching far and wide on both sides of the interminable highway…no traffic, no lights, zero warmth…I look at his eyes…he doesn’t want me here…or may be, he does…I can’t tell, without any lights…A sudden beam glows up in his eyes, telling me “Here we are”.

“Where are we, Dark Lord?
Pretty damsel, strike a chord!
Hello, ain’t we bored?
Will the rain be poured?
Don’t you make me real
There’s no time to feel
Come on, give me a chill
Make me a nice red pill”

The black sky started where the crops let out their last bit of inflorescence, as though a thick curtain lifted only halfway, and the stage-man controlling the strings have collapsed for no reason and forgot to pull them further… and the fog, as though the dry ice have just been sprayed by somebody back-stage.

The swift breeze swept away his otherwise settled hair. He has no clue how we got there. We were in some busy office floor in a conference room, sipping through coffee…and now, we are in the middle of nowhere. Whichever way we run, desolation welcomes us with open arms… I see myself standing in front of a sign… it has its arrow in a weird direction…up…

The label looks foolish and incomprehensible:


How can the upward direction be full? How can upward be fool? Is there a fool hovering up above??? Doesn’t make any sense…I look at him and there’s a sudden spark all over his face…He thrusts his left hand towards me…the watch at his wrist has stopped functioning…Hell no, the time hasn’t stopped… the crops are still swaying back and forth with the breeze…time has not stopped for good…

I am fighting hard to get out of this stagnancy, but Neo is nowhere in sight. “Time flies by like an arrow and fruit flies like banana”.

I can see him now laughing like a lunatic, without ever stopping for an after-laugh…

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