Thursday, December 08, 2005


Saturday, December 03, 2005
9:02:43 PM

I had this strangest dream ever. I saw myself walking into a garden in the evening…the lighting was very soft and in the night sky I could see figures and holographic screens like as we see in planetariums. The garden had a feel of Alice in Wonderland and Finding Neverland. Suddenly I see a picture and recognize it as Picasso’s Guernica…it had very vague resemblances to the painting itself…There were other people I don’t know confirming me about the fact that it was Guernica indeed, in the dream. I left the place, and when I came back again I saw an owl flying in the garden, but only now that the garden had a little pond over which the owl was flying. Suddenly I see that it’s not a real owl, but a puppet whose strings are maneuvered by some 4/5 struggling grown people standing up on a large, leafy tree.

I did see other stuff in the dream but I don’t remember anything now…

Pretty “atel” …

But much better than the so-called movie I was forced to watch at a friend’s place which had nothing but still shots…seemed like an ‘atel’ remix music video footage to me…or correctly put, the pictures seemed like the video supporting the music in the background, and not vice versa.

The voice-over was surely inspired by the “Amaron-lasts-long-really-long-ting-tong” ad.


The Absolutist said...

ok...the 'film' was bad, period. the narration, the non-existent plot, the concept and most of all, the music, were bad. the fact that the film did well in the 'film circuit' is a proof of the pseudo-intellectualism inherent in society.

Anonymous said...

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