Monday, December 19, 2005

January Calling

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
12:04:07 AM

I am so sick of condoning the mindless, ruthless, frivolous bantering…it’s strange how people interact when a certain level of frolicking thresholds and time limits are crossed…even myself!

Osiris intervention, I gather…

Meanwhile, I am deeply moved (honest…) by the burgeoning bard…carry on, my wannabe girl


But I doubt whether CD really comprehended the real meaning lurking behind those poetically challenged phrases…Hats off to the bard, once again…may Homer shine upon you…

I am now soothing my olfactory with Morrison (not Van) and Dylan (not Thomas) and Baez…so the jazzy buffoon can no longer keep my mind engaged with the crass ramblings of his pulverized, xenophobic cerebrum.

I wish I survive my trip and remain in one piece, scuttling and skating through my deltaic land, endangered by bombs and walking, talking, human mines, till I get my copy of McRae’s creepy, chilled, voluptuous music…and The Doors live videos…that too…

This will probably be my last post for this year…and I resolute upon making a new blog next year, with more verve and enthusiasm…and this time I promise to upload images to get rid of any residual bleakness forever…

To people who love me and hate me, and those who know me and do not know me, plus those who would comment and not comment on my posts:

Merry Christmas and A Joyful New Year!

P.s. Loony, I will try to get u a sketchbook like mine…do u want a bigger size???

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