Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fooled by Food!

Saturday, April 01, 2006
9:10:26 PM

Had brilliant food after a long, long time…the chilly roast pork was too good…I am not much of a pork glutton, but it was too good to deny. Thanks to Shubhro. So much better to celebrate shubhro’s birthday instead of April Fool’s day. Interestingly, we were talking of Ham Radio while having pork…

I fooled my mother in the morning…the best way anyone could fool me ever was on 1998. Now, don’t expect me to remember the time…the date is too obvious…Fatty apologized for her little sister who tore my childhood photo that I gave her…I was so upset…it’s just the sort of thing to fool me…when I was nearly sulking to great heights, she produced the photo out of her bag…Schooldays, ahh! They were so lovely. I’m sure everyone would agree on this.

I had a very strange dream yesterday night. Well, ‘strange’ is not new for me…but the dream is…I saw myself in Puri, Orissa. It was nighttime…I saw that I was strolling towards the beach, anticipating the glimpse of the vast ocean…the kind of vastness that can make you speechless…in other words, scared…blissfully scared, to be more precise…but when I went there, a stinky pond appeared, and someone told me that the beach has shifted somewhere else, a bit farther…and when I stroll a little farther, I see a very, very HIGH wave…very high…well, very tall…the kind that can hit you in a Tsunami…I mean, you wouldn’t be alive to keep seeing it…but in the dream, the wave just kept on soaring higher and higher and never seemed to fall on its trough…now, this can only possibly happen if the earth was of an elongated, oval shape…then perhaps gravity would have acted in a different manner…what a metaphysically stimulating dream!


uberima said...

relax! you cannot be hit by a tidal wave in puri, cause they travel underwater till they hit the coast.Now the puri coast line is protected by coral barriers which breaks the flow of tidal waves underwater..which is why they are so important.

So next time you dream about being in puri,feel safe!

Delphic Oracle said...

are u from Orissa by any chance and do u have a blog of sorts????

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » »

Delphic Oracle said...

and who r u, mr./ms?