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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
11:24:15 PM

Ahem…so here I am, transformed…once again…for better. It had been a helluva emotional roller coaster for me this April. I was in Dhaka, my hometown…rather my homecity…and it had been quite enriching from every angle, despite the initial confusion and anxiety due to my father’s illness. Just a couple of hours delay at the airport while flying off to Dhaka, and all was well with the world…It’s just so lovely to fly off in the middle of the night! I could see the stars above and the lights below…what a magnificent view! Only a flight over The Himalayas can challenge such an extraordinary view. It seemed like I was a light year nearer to the constellations…I hated when the lights went on inside the craft after the initial take-off period.

I discovered a new fast food chain-store this time called American Burger in Dhaka…ironically, it had the best chicken sandwiches I ever tasted…toasted bread with the brownish borders chopped off, crisp and highly palatable, unlike any sandwiches here at Kolkata…and the chicken inside…ummm, don’t even want to remind myself about it…it was so damn good, man! I won’t reveal the goodness of the chicken by describing the exact taste like Hemingway…instead I must…and I repeat, I must mention the books I got back from HOME…well, HOME???…huh, well, yeah…HOME:

Chariots of The Gods? – Daniken
Return of The Gods – Daniken
According to The Evidence – Daniken
The Paranormal Files – S.R. Webb & Sons
Alien Base – Timothy Good
Lust For Life (a fictional biography of Van Gogh) – Irving Stone
Classic Folk Tales From Around The World
From Socrates To Sartre: A Philosophical Quest – T.Z. Lavine
The Puma’s Shadow – A.B. Daniel
The Misanthrope & Other Plays – Moliere
Persuasion – Jane Austen
The Complete Works Of Shakespeare
La Nuit Bengali – Mircia Eliad
Inshallah – Oriana Fallaci

I gave away my Robin Cook novels and A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nassar to a friend before coming to Calcutta…

And some lovely Science Fiction stories by Md. Zafar Iqbal, Bengali novels by Humayun Ahmed…and the Western thrillers and Masud Rana thrillers from “Sheba Prokashoni”…and much much more…

I did not, and I could not bring War And Peace by Leo Tolstoy (well, duh, who else?)…and Frankenstein by we all know who…I did not make the mistake of bringing “Pride & Prejudice” and “Emma”…And I did bring “Jane Eyre”, but didn’t find “Heidi”…damn!

And I brought “Brer Rabbit Again” by Enid Blyton…lovely stories they are, man!
Let’s not burden ye readers with the CDs I brought…whenever things get smoother for me, I am reminded of the sine curve which depicts the symmetry of everything existing in nature…good times are almost always followed by bad times and vice versa…I installed Pepsi Desktop Theme from an old CD in my new comp…it’s utterly ludicrous…and I love it!

I am so pleased to get back my Sketch Book…I got the Warrior Women sketch I made…did I not whine about it a lot??? Damn! I can’t believe I got everything back…even my guitar! Joan Baez, please shed all your talents at my direction…And I pray to the souls of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Don McLean and the rest, living and dead…

Let’s not discuss anymore about what I got…I am through with it now…Just amuse yourself, if you will, when you know about the momentary turbulence I had to suffer inside the aircraft while flying back to Calcutta…The poor F28 craft got itself in the midst of a mild storm, which was skillfully survived by the young, handsome and able pilot (I know he’s handsome cos I met him later at the airport at Dumdum!)…man, I didn’t even spill my cola drink during the incident! And I must mention the smoothness of the landing…what a pilot! I experienced the most comfortable landing in my whole damn life of flying far and wide…I wish I knew the pilot’s name and contact no. Does he have a blog??? Uhmmm…not a possibility…ananya, just get a grip of yourself! I mean, don’t fall for a pilot, at least…they are pretty dumb besides being able to fly that Foker craft…

And just forgot to mention: Meroon, don’t be so excited about my blog…there’s nothing in it except my full-of-incidents yet dull life…so don’t close down your ‘space’ in msn…and I hope we meet like this every-time I am in Dhaka…and don’t worry about girls not falling for you…remember, masturbation is the key to all human loneliness…don’t laugh, it’s true…I mean, I don’t really mean the literal masturbation here…I mean to say that one has to find ways to be happy with himself…and that’s the key to….DAMN!!! When did I start talking like this??? Just don’t listen to me…I don’t talk much sense these days, which is again, a very good thing to develop!


kaal boishakhi said...

goddamn i miss american burger...
haala oder double chicken cheese chara jaharnam-e asi.
just checking out fellow dhakaites, albeit less dissolute ones..
bhala bhabe poora blog porbo shomoi paile. keep writing. kon uni-te jao?

check out my blog...if you scroll down a bit theres atn bangla soft core porn. khek.

Delphic Oracle said...

ami st. xavier's college, kolkata tey pori...which uni are u in???

Anonymous said...

I find it weird how one person hate microsoft but love linux?I mean it seem to me it so emtional the hate,I ahve tried firefox and I dislike that my favorite places is gone.So back I am with bill gate :) red hat

kaal boishakhi said...

masterbation is the key to happiness....ahhahaha...
and my blog was about a one-night-stand that meant more...or one night stands that arent...well...just that.
the idea that they can affect you, affect me, ms cold hard sex addict bitch extraordinaire...
im actually in a serious relationship for the first time in my life..
and no i still dont practise monogamy...
andi masterbate lots too....HAHAHA

how are things on your end? still in dhaka? i may come around in december/jan..
any ups and downs in your life? its breakup season you said.....

kaal boishakhi said...
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kaal boishakhi said...

ahh. it does i know. just the love i knew didnt exist. and thats hard to face but i have.