Monday, November 23, 2009

Man-Woman Dialectics and Winter

Winter first. Global warming has robbed us off the chill of winter here in the tropics...The smell and memory of winter are 10, Paribagh and songs of Mehedi Hassan...films like Silsila, Lamhe, Ashiqi and much later, 1947's a nostalgic concoction to which later concoctions have tried hard to sink in only to be immiscible...oh i forgot to mention 1971 spirit, Kajal mama, my parents, a houseful of student activists, left-wing politicians of Dhaka, Masud Rana, bhapa pittha, Memory bakery pastry and love...

"dil-e-nadaan tujhe hua kya hai/akhir iss dard ke dawa kya hai..." - Ghalib

"....hum hain mushtaq , aur woh bezar/iya elahi iye majrah kya hai"

woman proposes, man proposes, woman composes...disagree, disagree! help yourself. Who said I am preaching here man-woman dialectics? Who's saying that I have the answers? It's not my job. Ghalib, Neruda, the like and the unlike have done their job well. Am only stuck in the negation of man by negation of woman and vice versa. I don't understand it one bit. So shouldn't you...


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Reema said...

Main Bhi Munh Mein Zaban Rakhta Hun
Kash Pucho K Mudda Kya Hai..Just happen to drop in to your post.. There is heat and light both..

Delphic Oracle said...

Ghalib is God!!! thanks for dropping by Reema...

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